Healthcare Forum

This week I attended a forum about the new healthcare laws going into effect and how they will effect us in Tennessee.  The doctors, pharmacist, hospital administrators and insurance agents on the forum were giving their interpretations of the law with a brief commentary. Everyone agreed that changes needed to be made.  However, not one of the panelists were comfortable with how this law came into effect nor with the implications and ramifications of it. From the panel’s perspective, the quality of care will definitely suffer.  They presented less costly options.  One of these options would be to have free care clinics open 24 hours a day staffed by nurse practitioners that are available for basic services such as treating colds, annual checkups, and vaccinations. These would be located close to hospitals to keep people from going to the ER unless it is a life threatening situation. This would give everybody equal access to free care. However, those that want insurance for better care would have that option.
I believe that it is in the country’s best financial interest that everyone have preventive medicine wherever possible. It is a person’s responsibility to help monitor their own health situations and be proactive with preventative care.


As I mentioned before Government is a job…not a job maker.
I have already been informed of two companies that have said yes – they would have liked to relocate to Tennessee. More specifically to relocate to our district.  Both companies chose to go elsewhere! Their failure to choose our location was not because they did not like our district, but they felt we did not like them.  I have not talked to all the parties involved so it is hard to point fingers at one person or agency.  Between the 2 companies there would have been over 150 jobs to our area.  It is my understanding both companies have found new locations and are currently still open and producing products and meeting payrolls.  Unfortunately, we can not do anything about those two companies, but we need to look at how we can get state, county, and cities to work together to identify which types of companies we can attract and support in our district.  By having a plan and systematically working that cohesive plan together, we can attract new businesses to start up in our district.  I believe Cannon, Trousdale and Wilson counties have things that set us apart not only form the nation but from the rest of the State of Tennessee as well.  Lets work together and capitalize on our strengths to bring in some good paying jobs to our great district!

Middle Tennessee Floods

With the floods in the district I have put the campaign on hold for a couple of days. Many of our fellow citizens in the district have suffered great losses. Businesses had to shut down and private homes were evacuated as the water subsided. I did find something quite interesting as I was helping families cope with the situation. By far most of us were doing all we could to protect and save our homes and belongings. We did not wait for anyone else to step in to tell us what needed to be done. Here in Tennessee we just do it ! I did talk to one person however that did not take any action at all to try and save their belongings. I offered to help and the response I received was actually a bit alarming. I was told they did not need to do anything because FEMA would take care of everything they lost. I had a hard time understanding why they felt it is the governments job to replace their belongings. This kind of thinking is becoming far to common in America today. It is time to be sure what limited role government is to play in our lives. Then we need to take personal responsibility to handle the majority of our situations without government interference.

Trousdale County Meet and Greet

The Trousdale County Meet and Greet was a tremendous success. As with all over the district the two biggest issues that we continue to hear are jobs and budget. Fortunately these are two of the main concerns that got me into the race to start with. We still believe if government will ease up on unneeded regulation and red tape many businesses would be in a position to start hiring again.

Weekly Wrap-Up April 11 thru 18th

I was able to attend a Tea Party in Mount Juliet this week! It went great! For those of you that were able to attend you heard a lot of like minded conservative constituents that are very frustrated with the current attitude of our tax and spend government. 
We had a booth at the Mile Long Yard Sale in Watertown on Saturday. We had beautiful weather and excellent turnout. We were able to meet with many citizens that are very upset with the current government and we helped register them to vote .
We have a volunteer meeting coming up on May 1st from 10:30 am until noon at the Ponderosa Steakhouse in Lebanon.  If you are interested in helping in any way please come to this meeting or contact me at [email protected]!  Remember no one can do everything but everyone can do something!
On Tuesday, April 27th I will be attending a Republican Rally in Trousdale County.  This event will be held at the People’s Bank at 328 Broadway in Hartsville at 7pm.  This will be a great opportunity to come out and meet the candidates. I look forward to seeing you there!
We have an upcoming fundraising event on April 29, 2010.  This will be a Spaghetti Dinner at The Depot Junction in Watertown at 6:30pm.  The cost is $10 per person. For more information contact the Depot Junction at 237-3976.
Thank you for your support!

Review of April 10

We had a very good week. People are very upset.  They have shared with me their concerns about how it seems our government has lost its direction of common sense values that our founding fathers sought to establish when they wrote our constitution.   Every day the people that we met with were very open to hearing what our campaign is about. 

1)  Traditional Tennessee Values

2) Common Sense Approach to Budget Issues

3) Education  — Let Teachers Teach and Parents Parent!

4) Term Limits

5) Job programs that really work!

Yes our week has been very productive.   Next week we will back in Watertown and Woodbury.  We have a booth next Saturday in the Watertown mile long yard sale.  We are right off the square in Watertown and will be doing a voter registration drive as well as passing out information about our campaign.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Mark to visit Cannon County

I am looking forward to attending the Good Ole Days of Cannon County on May 14-15 at the courthouse square in Woodbury. The event’s proceeds benefit the Cannon County After School Programs and the Senior Citizen Center.