Mark Pody Announces Candidacy

I have officially qualified as a Republican candidate for the 46th district seat
in the Tennessee General Assembly, currently held by Democrat
Stratton Bone. The primary is slated for August 5 with the general election following on November 2.

As a current business owner and charter financial consultant
(ChFC), I have paid the increasing taxes and fees that government
continues to place on the backs of its citizens. I believe this tax burden has
reached the limits its taxpayers can bear.

The current budget shortfall in the state should be met by prioritizing
Tennessee’s needs and not by raising Tennessean’s taxes. Some programs
need to be stopped. Tennessee should return to the conservative and biblical
ideals from which it has slowly drifted and that the residents of the 46th
District hold dear. I share the concerns of Tennesseans who believe the
expansion of the federal government infringes upon state sovereignty.
Tennesseans know what is best for Tennessee.

On a personal note I have been married to Barbara for 37 years. We have
raised our two daughters, Kristina and Amy, in Wilson County. We have
also been blessed with 8 grandchildren!

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