Pro-Teacher Legislation Moves Forward in Tennessee General Assembly

GOP leaders cite commitment to public education across the state


This week, House Republicans moved forward with several key pieces of legislation within the Tennessee General Assembly designed to support teachers across the state, rewarding them for their hard work in the classroom.


Along with $261 million in new spending proposed for K-12 investments and $104.6 million for increasing teacher pay — the largest education investment in state history without a tax increase — additional bills this year include:


  • House Bill 1741, which allows every full-time certified public school teacher in Tennessee to receive a 25 percent discount on tuition to any state-operated institution of higher education.


  • House Bill 1537, which eliminates two unnecessary high school tests, allows students to retake the ACT or SAT free of charge, and renews Tennessee’s commitment to test transparency by annually releasing statewide test questions and answers to parents.


  • And, House Bill 2503, which creates a preference for retaining tenured teachers during a reduction of force by prohibiting their dismissal if another position is available somewhere in the school system.


As the 2016 legislative session continues in full-swing, House Republicans are committed to finding ways to show appreciation to the state’s high-performing teachers and working to support their success in the classroom.