Healthcare Forum

This week I attended a forum about the new healthcare laws going into effect and how they will effect us in Tennessee.  The doctors, pharmacist, hospital administrators and insurance agents on the forum were giving their interpretations of the law with a brief commentary. Everyone agreed that changes needed to be made.  However, not one of the panelists were comfortable with how this law came into effect nor with the implications and ramifications of it. From the panel’s perspective, the quality of care will definitely suffer.  They presented less costly options.  One of these options would be to have free care clinics open 24 hours a day staffed by nurse practitioners that are available for basic services such as treating colds, annual checkups, and vaccinations. These would be located close to hospitals to keep people from going to the ER unless it is a life threatening situation. This would give everybody equal access to free care. However, those that want insurance for better care would have that option.
I believe that it is in the country’s best financial interest that everyone have preventive medicine wherever possible. It is a person’s responsibility to help monitor their own health situations and be proactive with preventative care.