As I mentioned before Government is a job…not a job maker.
I have already been informed of two companies that have said yes – they would have liked to relocate to Tennessee. More specifically to relocate to our district.  Both companies chose to go elsewhere! Their failure to choose our location was not because they did not like our district, but they felt we did not like them.  I have not talked to all the parties involved so it is hard to point fingers at one person or agency.  Between the 2 companies there would have been over 150 jobs to our area.  It is my understanding both companies have found new locations and are currently still open and producing products and meeting payrolls.  Unfortunately, we can not do anything about those two companies, but we need to look at how we can get state, county, and cities to work together to identify which types of companies we can attract and support in our district.  By having a plan and systematically working that cohesive plan together, we can attract new businesses to start up in our district.  I believe Cannon, Trousdale and Wilson counties have things that set us apart not only form the nation but from the rest of the State of Tennessee as well.  Lets work together and capitalize on our strengths to bring in some good paying jobs to our great district!