March is Here

What a great week! I have finally been to go to all of the school systems in my district to hear from the teachers in them as well as the school boards and parents. I have been determined to get their input on the many education bills coming up in the legislature. Thank you to everyone who attended the meetings or contacted me.

I am now in committee meetings to hear about the bills in the legislature and things are starting to move forward. I continue to learn more about the many issues facing the state and the people of Tennessee everyday.

I wanted to thank the groups who have had their “Day on the Hill” and have come to visit me. I have had visits from Tn Farm Bureau and Leadership Wilson to name a few of the groups up there this week. Please contact me if you would like your group to meet with me. I am always interested in these group events.

I want to share how safe I feel in our towns after riding with both the local police department and the Sherriff’s Department. Our men in uniform do a great job of protecting us and I had no idea how successful they have been. I want everyone to know that the police have my total support and backing. They are fundamental to our safety and well being.

Finally I want to remind people that I am always available for “Drop-in” meetings. I have times reserved on the first Friday of every month at the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce in the morning. I also have time the same day for Trousdale residents in the afternoon up in Hartsville. Finally I am at the Depo in Watertown on the 3rd Friday morning of each month and in Cannon County in the afternoon. If you have questions or concerns come by and share them with me.