March Madness

I have personally visited several different schools in the area. I saw a couple of exciting and innovative ideas that were being tried locally. Two of the best ideas were Collaborative Learning and Flex Classes. These were “home grown” ideas that the schools had developed as a way to engage students and capitalize on teachers strengths. The ideas are being worked out this year in real classrooms with success. I was very pleased with their unique take on solving their problems.

I know some of the Education Bills have been very contentious. However as they move thru the legislature, these bills are getting closer to a resolution. I know that either way this issue is resolved – not everyone will be “happy” with me. I have tried to make myself very available to parties on both sides of the issue and have been diligent in collecting thoughts and opinions from all the parties.

Another bill that I was happy to see go thru was the “Health Freedom” legislation. I supported the bill and the ideas that were behind it. I feel Tennesseans need this protection and choice in this matter. I am also closely watching the Lawfull Immigration Enforcement Act that is moving thru legislation. I have strong opinions on this issue and during my campaign expressed how this issue needs to be tackled. I am looking forward to seeing this piece of legislation in its entirety as it comes across my desk. Hopefully this will be another week of seeing progress for positive legislation.