Middle Tennessee Floods

With the floods in the district I have put the campaign on hold for a couple of days. Many of our fellow citizens in the district have suffered great losses. Businesses had to shut down and private homes were evacuated as the water subsided. I did find something quite interesting as I was helping families cope with the situation. By far most of us were doing all we could to protect and save our homes and belongings. We did not wait for anyone else to step in to tell us what needed to be done. Here in Tennessee we just do it ! I did talk to one person however that did not take any action at all to try and save their belongings. I offered to help and the response I received was actually a bit alarming. I was told they did not need to do anything because FEMA would take care of everything they lost. I had a hard time understanding why they felt it is the governments job to replace their belongings. This kind of thinking is becoming far to common in America today. It is time to be sure what limited role government is to play in our lives. Then we need to take personal responsibility to handle the majority of our situations without government interference.