Monday Feb 7th 2011 Is our first real day in session

My first bill is going to be a term limit bill. So far I do not have any where near enough votes for an eight year term limit. My next try will be 12 years. 3 terms for Senate – 6 terms for Representitives like myself. ( I have no intention of being there 12 years) I do believe something is better than what we have right now. I want to say as well that I have met some very good politicians who have been elected for longer than 12 years but they are an exception. It seems that education issues are very hot this year. Please give me your in put on any issues that concerns you. I also want to remind everyone that I will be in Watertown (the Depot ) on the 3rd Fri of every month at 8AM. I will be in Woodbury at 1 PM at the Sr Center also on the 3rd Fri of every month. Just to be open to hear YOU !