News for March, 2016

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Town Meetings
  I always look forward to meeting with each of you. This would be a great time for more lengthy input from you the constituents.
1st Friday – Lebanon Wilson County Chamber of Commerce from 8:00a.m. until 9:30a.m.

3rd Friday – Depot Junction Cafe in Watertown from8:00a.m. until 9:00a.m.
Smithville at the Dekalb County Board of Education from 10:00a.m. until 11:00a.m.
Woodbury Senior Center from  1:00p.m. until 2:00p.m
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We are so proud of our Leadership groups and totally enjoyed having them visit with us at the Capitol.
Leadership Wilson, Adultsabove and Leadership Wilson Youth below.
Leadership Dekalb below
Department of ECD Now Accepting Applications for Tourism enhancement Grant
Tennessee ECD is now offically accepting applications for the Tourism Enhancement Grant – grant funding available to cities and counties to enhance and create new tourism infrastructure that will help spur economic growth across the state.  For more information, please visit 
“National Guard Force Protection Act of 2016” passes House with Unanimous Support
Legislation allowing the homeland security upgrades that Tennessee Military Department will implement at armories and recruiting stations around the state was passed unanimously last week.  The was introduced to insure the safety of Tennessee National Guard service members in the wake of the Chattanooga terrorist attack in July, 2015.  House lawmakers cited the safety of our military men and women as being of upmost importance, especially as service members put themselves in harm’s way to ensure the general public is secure on a daily basis. For more information, Visit HERE
Passed HB2640 – Cannon County – As introduced, transfers the filing of petitions and claims concerning mental health commitments from the general sessions court clerk to the clerk and master but retains the authority of the general sessions judge to hear and determine these cases. 
Rural Economic Opportunity Act
Receives Unanimous Approval 
The “Rural Economic Opportunity Act of 2016” spearheaded by House Republicans received approval last week on the House floor. The legislation has two main parts:
First, the bill would implement a new program called “PREP” fund to be used to help rural counties build sites and infrastructure to make their comunities more attractive to prospective companies.  
Second, the legislation would restructure the county tier system making it easier for businesses in rural counties to qualify for job tax credits.  This, in turn, would make it easier for these same businesses to expand and hire new workers.
4-Hers from all over Tennessee visited their Legislators this week 
Wilson County 4-H Leader, Amanda Woody with Tabitha Jenkins and Chapel Bell.
Cannon County 4-Hers, Bryce Bell, Elizabeth House, Ashlyn Nokes and Zach McCullough.
Dekalb County 4-Hers, Abby Evans, Addison Oakley, Lydia Brown, Madison Cantrell, Macy Hedge, and Sarah Anne Colwell, not pictured Leigh Fuson.
Pro-Teacher Legislation Moves Forward In
Tennessee General Assembly
House Republicans moved forward with several key pieces of legislation within the Tennessee General Assembly designed to support teachers across the State, rewarding them for their hard work in the Classroom.
Along with $261 million in new spending proposed for K-12 investments and $104.6 million for increasing teacher pay – the largest education investment in state history without a tax increase include: 
♦  House Bill 1741, which allows every full-time certified public school teacher in Tennessee to receive a 25% discount on tuition to any state-operated institution of higher education
♦ House Bill 1537, which eliminates two unnecessary high school tests, allows students to retake the ACT or SAT free of charge, and renews Tennessee’s commitment to test transparency by annually releasing statewide test questions and answer to parents.
♦ House Bill 2503, which creates a preference for retaining tenured teachers during a reduction of force by prohibiting their dismissal if another position is available somewhere in the school system.
4-H Awards Banquet in Lebanon last week.  Thanks to Amanda Woody and Ruth Carell for a great dinner and visit with all these award winners.  
“Famous Visitors to the Tennessee Legislature” on the Library & Archives Blog to learn more  HERE
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