Review of April 10

We had a very good week. People are very upset.  They have shared with me their concerns about how it seems our government has lost its direction of common sense values that our founding fathers sought to establish when they wrote our constitution.   Every day the people that we met with were very open to hearing what our campaign is about. 

1)  Traditional Tennessee Values

2) Common Sense Approach to Budget Issues

3) Education  — Let Teachers Teach and Parents Parent!

4) Term Limits

5) Job programs that really work!

Yes our week has been very productive.   Next week we will back in Watertown and Woodbury.  We have a booth next Saturday in the Watertown mile long yard sale.  We are right off the square in Watertown and will be doing a voter registration drive as well as passing out information about our campaign.  We look forward to seeing you there.