State of Tennessee Offers Zero Tuition

So, you’re sitting in your senior math class wondering what the heck you’re going to do with the rest of your life, or after graduation, or this weekend — or next. Everyone has an idea for the direction of his life, except you. Well, we’re no different, with one exception — we think you should take control of your life. No, we’re not talking about staying up all night and sleeping all day. We’re talking about the Tennessee Promise, which offers two tuition-free years at a community or technical college. That’s two more years to help figure out what makes you tick and to get you pointed toward gainful employment. And you’ll come out with an associate’s degree, which will be transferable to a four-year college. Yes, it’s difficult to think about finally graduating only to take on more courses, more books, more study. But it sure beats working some dead-end minimum wage job somewhere — if you can find a dead-end minimum wage job, somewhere. We hope everyone takes advantage of the opportunities set before them; we hope every senior takes advantage of this one. It’s hard to beat zero tuition for a two-year degree.