Taxes Cut for Tennesseans

The pocketbooks of all Tennesseans are getting help from the Legislature with the passage of two major tax cuts. 

Yesterday the House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved the repeal of the death tax and the reduction of the food tax on two separate votes.  Both bills have long been a major priority for many Members of the House Republican Caucus who believe the bills will help taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned money and place Tennessee on better economic footing.

“Today is an exciting day.  We looked at the numbers, rolled our sleeves up, and worked with Governor Haslam to come up with two bills that will really benefit all Tennesseans.  The repeal of the death tax is especially noteworthy because it will help convince the job creators in our State to remain here and helpgrow our economy.  This doesn’t benefit one group; it benefits any Tennessean who is concerned about job growth” Representative Mark Pody (R-Lebanon).

For more information on these bills, HB3760 and HB3761, please go to and .