School safety is a commonly discussed topic at the moment and with a family member going into the profession and with several grandchildren in school, I want to do my best to ensure the safety of children, teachers, and administrators as best as I can. Additionally, I have noticed a common trend within the school system that needs to be addressed—children’s behavior and who’s responsible for it. Parents are to be the primary educators in both academic and behavioral areas. As a culture, however, we have relinquished much of that child rearing responsibility to the public school system. If we’re to gain back a responsible society, we need to start with responsible parents demonstrating to their children that education begins at home and not in the classroom, and parents need to be held accountable for their children’s behavior in school. In order to combat this, I am proposing a bill that would allow school districts the option to give their teachers a device, activated by a press of a button, that would help create and ensure a safe and a productive learning environment.