I am very “pro small business.” Small businesses, not the government create jobs because the government cannot “create” jobs without using citizens’ tax dollars to do so. The government, however, can help job growth by reducing the red tape, regulations, and taxes to encourage businesses to hire new employees…

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Parents are to be the primary educators in both academic and behavioral areas. As a culture, however, we have relinquished much of that child rearing responsibility to the public school system. If we’re to gain back a responsible society we need to start with responsible parents demonstrating to their children that education begins at home and not in the classroom…

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Social Entitlements

Hand Up- Not Hand Out. We need a plan where we are helping people find a way to work themselves back into the workforce….
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Traditional Values

Our fore fathers founded this nation on Christian biblical values. I adhere to such principles…

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Common Sense (Term Limits)

I believe in term limits. Our President and Our governors have term limits. We need the same for our senators and representatives. We are supposed to be citizen legislatures…

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